Turnover Rates – Taking a Deeper Look

The recent economic upswing has employers focused on their recruitment and retention strategies. Recruitment has become a challenge again, and as a result, turnover is inevitably increasing. Employees now have increased confidence to step out and apply for the next rung up the ladder. The luxury of having a stable workforce has begun to evaporate. Once again, recruitment professionals are forced to deal with this turnover headache that just will not go away. Many employers will try to solve this problem by trying to understand why people are quitting.

To reduce turnover rates, try to solve this problem in exactly the manner opposite of what your instincts are telling you. If you try to understand why your workforce is quitting, you are assuming there is something wrong with your company. This approach forces managers to correct a perceived problem. In an effort to enhance recruitment, it is far better to focus on why your employees are staying at your rather than why people are leaving.

This methodology is founded on the possibility there is nothing significantly wrong with your company. Think about it for a moment. It is easy to find examples of areas that can be improved, but you can also concentrate on the opposite. What makes you a fantastic employer? You currently have several enthusiastic employees who have remained on the job for a long time. Take them to lunch. Ask a few questions. The answers that you get will tell you exactly what employer strengths you should focus on when promoting your career opportunities.

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