Save Money

How Can We Save You Money?

Reducing your cost per hire is easy. Of course, it has taken many years of hard work to refine our methods for accomplishing this for you today. AXXIS can help you eliminate unnecessary bold charges, reduce logo fees, and make the most of the peaks and valleys in audience response. It is a science, which we love. You will like it too! You will always save 3% – 20% annually.

Special Offers

We will keep you up to date on special offers and discounts from all media. AXXIS is experienced at helping clients avoid pitfalls and utilize loopholes in media rates. In many cases, we will also get you extras unavailable to the general public and not available to most agencies.

Media Frequency Discounts

To ensure you always get the best deal, we can negotiate these media rates on your behalf. AXXIS monitors your media use to protect you from exceeding your budget and to avoid defaulting on a media contract rate plan. These can be expensive mistakes, and you will avoid them with AXXIS.