Strategic Research

Want to know what your competition is up to? The team at AXXIS Advertising can produce a report to identify who you are actually competing with for applicants. It is very helpful to understand what similar employers are saying and what media they use to broadcast the message. Based upon our findings we can better structure your approach to take advantage of opportunities revealed during the discovery process.


Tracking online results provides a unique way to identify what forms of advertising produce the desired results. After all, it is not about traffic volume or number of hits any more. Employers want to learn where the hires come from, not the clicks. More importantly, we strive to link data from long term high performing employees to reported media sources. We continue to take the data further than before.

Media Research

Now more than ever, media come and go like the wind. Constant change must be matched by an evolving body of knowledge. Connecting to new media is just the beginning. Understanding how to make the most of new media is an art form that we continue to pursue. The job is never ending, but the thrill of the chase keeps us motivated.