Why is it Important to Measure Applicant Drop-Off?

Here are a few examples of various application drop off rates:

Employer 1
Recruiters report that only 50% of application site visitors even start the process. The half that begin to apply, dropped off after viewing a few jobs. Only 19% finished and submitted an application. This is a total applicant retention of 9.5%

Employer 2
The hiring team realized a better retention rate since 65% of employment site traffic did search through open jobs. Recruiters noted that they drop off “cliff” occurred after the search page when only 40% of visitors opened a job description. Still, they had 26% of the original potential applicants to work with. The application process cut this 24% down to an astonishing 1%.

Employer 3
Applicant retention started very strong with 80% of visitors moving ahead to search for a job. The drop off can be seen when only 15% begin and application and only 4% complete the process.

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