Recruiting Advantage

Savvy recruiters often study messages created by other employers. Recruiters hope to gain insight into the magic formula of media, message and timing. Although there is no “one size fits all” recruitment solution, employers that need to hire can gain advantages by using comprehensive research tools to analyze the current talent market.

AXXIS Advertising makes a habit of studying and comparing hiring trends.

This allows us to better educate recruiters about new or untapped talent acquisition opportunities. Taking a view from multiple angles provides data so unique that it will change the rules of the game for most recruiters. In short, we help you to understand exactly what employers are doing to attract talent. How are hiring messages evolving? Why are certain media being phased out and other advertising media being aggressively adopted? Asking why leads to new ideas about how you can make the most of your recruitment budget.

Stage one of this process takes a deep look into three months of hiring practices of your biggest talent competitors. Reviewing comparative data tells a story that cannot be completely understood otherwise.

This insures that all of your media bases are covered so that nothing is overlooked. Often, you will be surprised about what the data reveals.

Next we dive into industry-wide information collection. Hiring patterns may reveal signs of changes in supply and demand for desired skill sets. On rare occasions an entire industry shifts recruiting methods. This can be due to the national or local economy, unemployment rates, new employers entering a market, or even layoffs. No matter what the underlying reason, you need to know which way the wind is blowing in your industry.

The detailed inspection comes when we report back to you with actual recruitment messaging currently used by your hiring competitors. We record and report data from social media pages, job boards and company web sites. Active links will be provided to you so that you can see the information first hand.

This method of analysis produces reports that give employers an excellent overview and some helpful details. You will learn how competitors are attracting candidates, what benefits competitors are offering, salary information, and the overall recruitment advertising strategies currently being used in your industry.

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