Recruiter Self-Evaluation – Application Analysis

Reflect on the below questions to see how user friendly your job applications are.

  • Is your employment application fast and easy to locate, complete and submit?
    (Is the application easy to get to on the internet? How does it look on a mobile phone?)
  • Is the application easy to understand?
    (Have several people of varying ages take a look.)
  • Any unusual questions?
    (Be sure to ask others about this in order to obtain a fresh opinion.)
  • Does the application feel too long or too short?
    (If you are not hiring for researchers, try to make sure your application can be completed in 15 minutes or less.)
  • Does the application overlook information that applicants are eager to disclose?
    (Try to invite applicants to share as much as they are willing to, but make some parts optional. This will allow a few applicants to stand out as the ones that are willing to go the extra mile.)
  • Are the any application steps that seem awkward?
    (Look for any steps that take too long or function poorly. Continuous applicant engagement is important.)
  • Does the application use fill in data fields to import resume data to save time for applicants?
  • Once the application is submitted, is a confirmation e-mail or text sent to the applicant?
    (The applicant should be notified in some manner that the application submission was completed.)
  • Does the application process and confirmation include any content to motivate the applicant?
    (This is an often overlooked area to increase applicant dedication and desire to work for the employer.)

Is there any way that you can make your application more visually appealing by adding color or shading? Could the current font be replaced with a better selection? Also consider using rounded edges instead of the standard boxes and rectangles.

Remember that this is yet another opportunity to engage with the person who will soon be building the future of the company for which you recruit. Make each hire count!

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