Newspaper Print Ads in 2015?

Newspapers and recruiters used to do quite well with help wanted ads. In fact, $8 billion per year is just how big print recruitment advertising was during the glory days of newspaper print advertising.

Based upon current trends it is unlikely that traditional newspaper help-wanted sections will ever again have such a large market presence. Most newspapers understand this and are migrating into other forms of communication. Of course, internet is the most appealing source of communication today.

Newspapers are trying to capture internet market share simply because there is so much to be had. Monster and CareerBuilder are huge market leaders boasting numbers approaching $1 billion each; it is easy to see why online recruitment is appealing from a business perspective. The next chapter is already unfolding. Social media recruiting works well for some industries and for some open positions. In the same way that newspaper media and internet are not “one size fits all” solutions, social media has limits as well. Establishing a consistent method of pricing internet advertising is an ongoing challenge. We have all heard the horror stories about someone that dropped thousands into an online ad campaign only to come up empty handed.

This is one good reason to realize that newspaper print advertising is not dead. In any changing market, some media will take a hit. Revenues shifted from print to the internet, back to print, back to the internet and now toward social media. This tug of war results from too many start ups flooding the open market. Often these new recruitment products sound good but deliver less than desired results. Sorting out the good from the rest can be a mystery.

Newspapers are down but not out. Watch the emerging trend of local news media partnering with online sources to make the best of both worlds. Some newspapers have created successful “stand alone” internet sites. New online newspapers are being formed on a regular basis.

So don’t give up on newspapers. They will never again be the only game in town, but they really do dominate some metro areas completely. The reason seems to be that national and global online content are often poorly fitted to local conditions. The answer is a well planned and balanced recruitment advertising campaign.

Properly selected media blended with targeted messages will always produce better results. Consider a mix of the following: Internet job boards, social media, your company web site, newspapers, career fairs, college recruiting, trade publications, open house events, text marketing, SEM, SEO and pay per click advertising. Some or all of these may work for you, but the days of the one stop shop ad solution are behind us.

Plan your media mix carefully. Beware of media claiming to be the solution for everything. Test drive new media to measure effectiveness. If you are short on time, have a recruitment ad agency handle the media research for you.

And whatever you do, prepare for more changes!

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