Human Resources and BIG DATA Skills…

… Coming to an HR Department near you!

Big HR buzz words for 2015 include Big Data, translated by some as “people analytics.” This has mushroomed during 2014 into a serious trend, and has HR employees learning the benefits as quickly as possible.

More and more HR Generalist jobs are requiring some understanding and application of big data analysis. And courses to better understand big data analytics abound.

HR professionals wanting to grow their knowledge and master using the reams of information at their disposal can benefit by examining the following:

Begin with a question you wish to answer, and then determine which data is relevant to providing you with an answer. This can turn your data into actionable plans of operation.

A few examples of issues that you might wish to solve with big data are:

  1. How do I recruit talent that is overlooked by competitors?
  2. What steps can I take to make sure that we are recruiting top talent at a reasonable salary?
  3. In order to retain top employees, what types of programs, incentives and opportunities should we offer?

How to use big data within a company is a wide-open question, and the answers depend on creativity – using data analytics in innovative ways.

Being able to crunch numbers will help. A background in math or statistics will go a long way to becoming successful big data user.

Computers are behind every big data strategy, so getting familiar with the range of technologies that make up the foundations of most big data enterprises would be of interest: Hadoop, Python, and Pig are examples.

An understanding of business objectives and the underlying processes which drive profit and business growth are also essential. This keeps efforts on track.

Good communication skills are essential to relay the results of analysis to team members and decision makers. Demonstrating how to improve performance and drive success is critical.

Software is changing how HR functions, and experts are predicting the changes will provide growth opportunities for HR professionals willing to prepare.

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