Detoxify Your Life – The Unique Approach (part 3)

Eliminating Toxins

  • Use only green cleaning supplies: One of the latest green trends is to make your own cleaning supplies that are free of toxins and harmful chemicals. There are also many commercially produced organic cleaners available today. Be sure the read the fine print.
  • Non-Toxic Gardening: Avoid using harmful pesticides and chemicals by making your own compost. Try organic pest control and prevention. Chemicals are bad for insects and for you too.
  • Reduce indoor air pollution: Learn about the sources of indoor air pollution in your home like poor ventilation systems, dirty filters and more. Investing in an air purifier is also a good idea.
  • Natural pet care: A lot of pet products and foods contain toxins that are dangerous for your pet and your family. Use natural pet products to eliminate pesticides and chemicals.
  • Choose nontoxic makeup and personal care items: Detoxify your skin by applying “green” makeup and researching nontoxic personal care items. Use all natural shampoo if you can.