Detoxify Your Life – The Unique Approach (part 1)

Habits to Break

  • Not getting enough sleep: Even though you are not directly harming your body, poor quality or low quantity sleep might be holding you back. Follow these tips: Reserve your bed ONLY for sleep and sex. Exercise during the day to encourage rest at night. Wind down for 30 minutes prior to bed time by avoiding computers, phones and computers. Try reading instead.
  • Eating fast food and frozen food: You may think you’re getting a good meal from a frozen dinner or frozen pizza, buy any important minerals and vitamins have probably been processed out of the foods already. Fast food tends to have lots of extra salt, sugar, fat and artificial flavorings, all of which add unnecessary toxins to your body and make you feel weighted down.
  • Clutter: A cluttered home can cause emotional stress. Increase productivity and give yourself a sense of calm by taking out the trash, cleaning the dishes and reducing clutter. If you have not used it in a while then give it away to a charity or thrift store.

Be well!
There are many other power foods you can research. Find the ones that you can enjoy.

  • Let yourself react: Allowing yourself panic or react in a natural way is actually good for your overall mental health. Storing up bad emotions is toxic for your mind and your body. Be real.
  • Find time for yourself: Slow down and make time for yourself in order to regroup, focus and prioritize according to the activities and people that are most important. This will help you feel more relaxed, in control and confident that what you do each day is important.

Cleansing Your Body

  • Drink Green tea: Green tea has health benefits, including acting as a gentle detoxifying agent.
  • Go to a sauna: This heat will make you sweat enough to clean your pores and your system.
  • Apple cider vinegar: Adding apple cider vinegar to your meals or drinks helps your metabolism, digestion, and complexion, as well as the functionality of your liver, bladder and kidneys.