Build a Better Recruiting Network

When you make an important hire, the instinct is often to celebrate. After that you may allow recruiting to cool off until the next significant position comes open. Instead of allowing this period of hibernation to set in, make use of this time to build a better recruiting network.

Following a successful recruit there is one more step you can take to make the next one just that little bit easier. The recruiter’s goal should be to build an ever growing network. This recruiting network includes current employees, former staff, people you have worked with at other companies, etc. An effective network is large and diverse. With such a well built recruiting network, the hiring process can become proactive rather than an isolated reaction to an open position.

Call a brainstorming meeting with all the new top hires. Ask these employees to provide several names and backgrounds of people that they consider outstanding contributors. Reach out by phone and connect with professional relationships that are less active. Ask them how their careers are going. The conversation could lead to recruitment. Use social media to gain the attention of qualified workers based upon skills sets, job titles and geography. Attend industry meetings, workshops and mixers to further diversify your recruiting network.

You will find that by developing a reliable and effecting recruiting network you will have earned the ability to fill high level and skill specific jobs faster and easier. You will have created a super network that can produce a database of top prospects and be able to tap into them as needed. This will allow you to jump start the recruiting process. This competitive edge will yield big results.

Please note that this style of recruitment is not a fix all. Larger companies may need to rely upon outside sources of advertising when filling higher numbers of open positions.

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