Become a Master Listener

We are all quite good at talking, but we have trouble listening. Often, we get so busy that our attention is split between people and tasks. This means that we are giving a partial effort on nearly everything that we do. Slowing down may seem counter productive but our communication and relationships improve when give them the proper investment of time. Here is a simple tactic that will help you listen more effectively.

Most of us rush to answer the phone when it rings, but we are still mentally engaged elsewhere when we answer the call. Pause a moment so that you can be fresh and ready to listen to the person calling you rather than thinking about what you were doing when the phone rang. Taking these few extra seconds to slow down and think will make you a better listener from the beginning of the phone conversation. In addition, listen as though you are going to report the message to someone else. This keeps you focused on the main reason or idea of the call. Make this a daily practice and you will see your relationships getting stronger.