Applying for Jobs through Mobile Phones

The percentage of smart phone owners has jumped so much in the past year that it has dramatically increased the number of mobile job searches.

Recruiters are paying attention to the fact that job seekers like the convenience of searching for a job when time allows, even if that means just for a spare few minutes.  From using a phone application to clicking on job alerts from their email, job hunters maximize their time and energy. Recruiters are taking advantage of this fast and easy to connect.

Not only can candidates apply to jobs from mobile phones and tablets, but recruiters now have the ability to accept applications from candidates on any device. In the past twelve months, applications completed over mobile devices have gone from 200,000 to 800,000 each day.  Qualified candidate applications have doubled recently making recruiting much more convenient than it ever has been.

AXXIS Advertising can help tailor your mobile recruiting to meet today’s trends — and get ready for the technology of tomorrow!

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