“We have trusted all of our recruitment advertising to AXXIS Advertising. We have complete confidence in the AXXIS team to meet our needs. Once we communicate our open positions to them, we can forget about it. It is a comforting feeling.”
Director of Human Resources (Long Term Care)

“The burden has been lifted. I no longer have to chase media contacts for information. The staff at AXXIS can handle all of my national recruitment needs no matter how challenging. I just tell them what positions are open and in what cities and they do the rest. The service, response and accuracy have been outstanding. We are even saving money. Thanks again for all the help.”
Human Resources Manager (Healthcare)

“Recently, I made a decision that saved my department a great deal of time. We began using AXXIS Advertising to write, design and coordinate our recruitment advertising. They have given us many new ideas about media options and recruitment strategies. Their service is timely, professional and surprisingly inexpensive compared to the way we used to handle recruitment advertising. AXXIS has allowed our Human Resources staff to focus on other issues since AXXIS has our recruitment advertising completely managed.”
Director of Compensation (Long Term Care)