The way that the world views employment at your company is extremely important. Branding is just an ad agency buzz word. Many use this word as an attention grabber but the work behind the word is the key to success. Careful study of several critical factors is what actually matters.

Branding Viewpoint

Your employer brand is a combination of personality and reputation. These attributes are seen quite differently by current and former employees and by outside candidates or future employees. The manner in which your company leadership communicates with your workforce is always being measured. The feelings and opinions of employees will live on as stories that will define the way others see your company. Would you like your story to be one of opportunity, teamwork and respect? If so, start planning for that outcome today.

Branding Attributes

Why do your current employees love their careers? The answer to that question will help to answer the next. Why will effective professionals leave their current jobs to join your team? The answers to both will set your organization ahead of the rest. The answers to these questions can be used to create a compelling brand story. Your company needs a tale so inspiring that it lives in the memory of anyone who reads or hears it. Company brand stories should be consistently repeated in a positive and authentic tone that can enlighten and motivate both candidates and employees alike.

Strategic employers strengthen the brand by communicating the organization’s mission and values clearly and consistently. Doing this creates team unity and will help to attract like-minded talent who will have a long term positive impact on your bottom line.

AXXIS ADVERTISING will help you develop and drive your employer brand so you can connect with the talented professionals that will help build the future of your company.

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Branding Discovery

An in-depth employment brand discovery process will reveal important elements of brand enhancement. The next step involves careful brand and strategic deployment. Thoughtful brand analysis will help identify your “employer-of-choice” attributes. The end result is reaching your talent-attraction objectives. The long term goal is to maximize your company return on investment in each and every new employee.

Brand development inside and outside your organization is an ongoing process. We remain mindful in order to identify changes in audience perceptions that could impact your reputation as an employer of choice. Ever changing employment market conditions can work to your advantage if we work to prepare and adapt.

Here are some key elements to make branding work for your company:

  • Brand Strategy is the long-term plan for the development of a successful brand in order to achieve specific goals.
  • Positioning is the identification of a market niche coupled with a move to occupy that niche.
  • Visual personality is the planned use of the design elements of color, shape, fonts, and images to directly and subliminally communicate a company’s values.

Listen Carefully

We encourage gathering data via surveys and focus groups to make use of current information and opinions. Your employees are a creative idea generating resource. Since your employer brand is what employees and potential employees see, feel or think when the talk about your company as an employer. Future employees can judge your career path offering based upon random rumors or they can experience a carefully crafted message developed by AXXIS ADVERTISING.