AXXIS Digital-Team

This is a broad and ever-growing area of expertise. What began with website development has evolved into banners, buttons, icons and social media. Where meta tags and keyword density left off, the online attention grab has turned towards 360 degree search engine optimization. Google AdWords and pay-per-click technology has a shelf life of roughly 90 days until the next generation of competitive advantages are rolled out. One word still dominates effective campaigns and that is efficiency. Overspending on new technology products simply to be the first may often translate into a “guinea pig” experience. Let us blaze the trail for you instead.

AXXIS Interactive

The term “interactive” is one of the most overused and misused ad agency buzz words. To keep the focus narrow and accurate let’s cover a few AXXIS products that qualify as interactive. Our team develops inviting data-gathering systems that will save your staff time and money. The most popular is an easy-to-use employment application that can be completed on a standard workstation, public kiosk, home computer and mobile device. As the attention span of the workforce gets shorter and shorter pre-apps and mini-apps are more common than ever. The rest of the data is only gathered on the most sought-after talent. Ongoing development of employment marketing materials requires more complex data be gathered. To accomplish this we suggest surveys. The results can be enlightening. To support employee development, testing software will help to identify opportunities and areas for improvement.

AXXIS Research-Now

OK, “BIG DATA” is getting too many cover stories. For practical purposes we can chat about “USEFUL” data. AXXIS ADVERTISING will collect and analyze only the applicable information for your review. Your time is valuable so we appreciate the fact that more is not better and effective is best. Simply put, we use custom software to collect data on candidate supply compared to matched job openings. Often we get requests from our clients to provide detailed analysis on their competition and our clients get what they want. To go further, we provide recruiters detailed reports to help understand hiring trends, cost-per hire and long-term return on investment. Annual media use reporting also proves to be a handy resource for AXXIS clients.

AXXIS Up-Write

Copywriting is just the foundation for a fully developed message. Creating a well-crafted pairing of media and message pushes the communication to the next level. A structured informational hierarchy is used to complete the process. Encouraging the reader’s mind to flow from the headline opener, through the story, resting on the closing and moving forward on the action item is a guided trip that ends well with a changed mind.

AXXIS Design-Plus

In the modern age of visual communication every pixel counts. Branding opportunities exist hundreds of times daily. How does your company brand look from the applicant’s viewpoint right at this moment? Being absolutely sure that you look good in all media is critical. To be accepted into the upper class of employers today it takes an enormous arsenal of logo variations including social media optimized, mobile friendly and animation. The team at AXXIS is serious about ensuring a strong fit between new media specifications and your employer brand. The game changes daily and we keep you winning.